Affordable Housing

You will find a large variety of different homes advertised through BLPSolutions. here you can review a selection of options for each scheme variation, helping you to decide which could be right for you. But we recommend all clients have a FREE independent review with one of our specialist consultants,

Local and regional Council training and scheme design

Local and regional councils currently have additional requirements when assessing area demand and identifiable housing need in the UK housing market. Negotiating agreements that work for both developer and the local consumers in need of affordable housing in the area, is about much more than simply agreeing a number of affable homes.

Building homes and negotiating the associated scheme structure, is now further complicated by available mortgage financing for the intended purchaser. Specifically comparing the local and regional affordability index, with the average consumers funding and deposit options, allows councils to better structure targeted future housing initiatives.

Planning reviews

Combining our specialist finance knowledge with local affordability research, property migration statistics and our local affordability index, allows us to identify your local and regional consumer needs accurately. Combining this overview data with the intended development layout and affordable housing allocation, allows councils to better prioritise and structure development design and affordable housing distribution. Specifically building the properties with associated scheme structure required by your applicants in the greatest housing need.

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