Armed Forces, Public Service and Civil Service sectors

If you have housing questions or problems, there is help available for you if you as a member of the Armed Forces, a veteran or a family member of someone in the Armed Forces, employed in the public service sector or Civil Servant, both active and retired.

Options available depend on your specific situation and circumstances; a detailed review with a specialist consultant is the best way to identify the incentives and schemes that could be most beneficial to you.

Property and Financial Training for Armed Forces, Public Service and Civil Service sectors

BLPSolutions is the leading provider of direct and online training packages throughout the region. Our specialist market knowledge, allows our clients a unique understanding of the not only of the many scheme variations, but also the various financing and exclusive incentive options available to them. Our direct presentations are available both onsite at your business or in our head office in Swindon.

Scheme overview

The complexity around the UK housing market; becomes even more difficult if you’re a member of the Armed Forces, Public Service or Civil Service personnel. The multitude of schemes and incentives available, have a selection of additional terms, conditions and qualifying requirements that have a direct effect on these consumers. Some allow significant additional benefits on future use and lower upfront costs; others allow priority purchasing status so you can jump to the font of the waiting list in high demand areas. The most import element is to speak to a specialist consultant and confirm what you’re entitled too! Making the right chose, first time, with all available information, is paramount to securing the perfect home.

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