Portfolio Builder

Strategic portfolio builds, prioritise your required position in order to maximise the intended result. Irrespective if you require positive cash flow in year one, or structured and sustained capital growth over a 10 to 15 year plan, BLPSolutions system will maximise both your current and future positon.

Understanding what your property portfolio is actually going to achieve is essential to keeping your investment decisions on track and our bespoke planning service can help you make sure that happens.

Even if the right properties come along, a property investor without a strategic plan will find it difficult to identify them. However, with our tried and tested formula it is possible to create an easy to follow solution that will provide the guidance necessary to create a clear and defined path to success.

Portfolio review, including refinancing and tax efficiency review

In the UK’s ever changing property market, having your current and proposed future portfolio plans reviewed by an independent specialist is paramount to maximising your position. Following changes to allowable expenses, staggered MIR (Mortgage Interest Relief) restrictions, consumer area demand and geographical differences over the past 10 years, a specialist review can minimise costs and maximise returns.

We use the same highly specialised principles and philosophies to guide our clients as we do to invest ourselves, which is why the BLPSolutions Portfolio Review service, has achieved such inspirational levels of success for our clients.

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